PAX East 2010 – PAX Musical Guests Panel!

Join a mix of our musical guests are they tell stories about their experiences as geek rock icons, what it’s like to have an internet fan base, the games and other influences they’ve had along the way, and what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re interested in starting up a band in this genre.

Moderator: Jeff Kalles [Vice President Operations, Twitter]

Panelists: Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo [Musician, Website], Paul Sabourin [Musician, Website], TURBO LOVER [vocalist, Website], Commander B. Hawkins [Composer, Website], K.I.L.R.O.Y. [Rabble-Rouser, Website], Murphy Weller [Bass Guitar, Website], Luke Silas [Drummer, Twitter], Vic-20 [Keyboards, Website], MC Frontalot [Nerdcore Rapper, Website], Unknown Person, Johnathan “JoCo” Coulton [Musician, Website], Grant “Stemage” Henry [Guitarist, Website], Micheal “Kirby Pufocia” Molnar [Guitarist, VGMDB], Dan “Danimal” Behrens [Composer/Chiptune Performer, Website], Unknown Person, Shota Nakama [Producer, Twitter], Peter Berkman [Song Writer/Guitarist, Website], Raul Panther III [Vocals, Website]

Source: Unofficial PAX DVD

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