PAX East 2010 – Game Scoop! Podcast Episode 157

Holy balls! IGN Game Scoop is colliding with the GameSpy Debriefings for the live podcast to end all live podcasts. Yes, IGN’s own Daemon Hatfield and Greg Miller will sit side-by-side with GameSpy’s Anthony Gallegos and Ryan Scott to discuss the latest videogame news and releases, PAX gossip, and answer questions from attendees like you. Just what will be discussed? How about: How much do you generally get paid to write a favorable review? How do you sleep at night after your review closes a studio? How can I knock the boots? Come one, come all. Scoop! Debrief!

Panelists: Daemon Hatfield [Executive Producer, Twitter], Greg Miller [Manager, Twitter], Anthony Gallegos [Game Designer, Website], Ryan Scott [Partner & Operations Lead, Website]

Source: IGN

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