PAX Dev 2012 – Surviving as a Moonlighting Indie

Working a full-time job and making an indie game in your free time?  You’re not alone!  Many have embarked on that pursuit of the best of both worlds…namely the relative financial security of that day job combined with the creative freedom of working on your own projects.

Our panel will discuss why moonlighting can be a good thing both for developers and the industry.  Of course, it’s not all rainbows and gumdrops, and we’ll go into some of the drawbacks of trying to have it all as well.  With any luck, by the time we’re finished we’ll leave you with some insight and advice for succeeding at both, and ultimately managing a healthy work/life/work balance.  Or…at least survive.

Moderator: Thomas O’Connor [CEO, Twitter]

Panelists: Ryan Meyer [Platform Engineer, Website], Ken “Enfu” Caia [Artist, Website], Zack Aikmen [Engineering Manager, Twitter], Ty Taylor [Game Designer, Website]

Source: Thomas O’Connor

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