Halo Fest 2011 – Xbox Talks 10 Years of Halo

How does a new multiplayer service prepare for the Halo juggernaut? Just how wrong were the projections for concurrent players? Which panelist thought that an FPS on the console could not possibly be any fun? Join founding members of the Xbox team, Doug Hebenthal and Jerry Hook, as well as Eric Neustadter (“e”), Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, and Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse to discuss how Halo helped shape Xbox Live.

Moderator: Alison Stroll [Senior Product Owner, Twitter]

Panelists: Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse [Senior Security Advisor, Website], Eric “e” Neustadter [VP of Tech, Twitter], Doug Hebenthal [CTO/CPO, Twitter], Jerry Hook [Head of Design, 343 Studios], Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb [Director of Programming, Website]

Source: Halo IGN

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