Pintastic 2015 – Whizbang Pinball Panel

Bio from the Pintastic website:

Greg Freres and Dennis Nordman are two close friends and pinball legends who have been rocking the pinball world for years! Dennis is a game designer and Greg a graphic artist. Together, they have worked on many projects throughout the years, most notably, Scared Stiff, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Dr. Dude and Party Zone.

Their latest collaboration has them working together in a company called Whizbang Pinball that they founded together in 2009. The end result of that has been the widely regarded remake of the new Whoa Nellie pinball machine. Whoa Nellie is a blast from the past with a modern twist. A truly unique game that combines modern technology with a beloved old school title to form a new modern twist that is nothing short of a home run.

We’re very proud to announce that both Dennis and Greg will be holding seminars at Pintastic. They’ll be around to answer questions, sign autographs, take pics and just talk about pinball. So be sure to check our seminar schedule to catch them.

Panelists: Greg Freres [Art Director/Designer, Stern Pinball], Dennis Nordman [Designer, Multimorphic]

Source: Derek

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