Pintastic 2015 – Roger Sharpe Panel

Bio taken from the Pintastic website:

Back in the turmoil of the prohibition days, laws were set up to also stop gambling. Pinball machines were viewed as games of chance that were run by mafia operations so pinball was outlawed. For over 30 years pinball was banned and very close to being completely shut down thanks to the vigilance of NYC Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia. Enter Mr. Roger Sharpe!

In 1976, accomplished writer and true “Pinball Wizard” Roger Sharpe took the stand in a hearing that pitted the State of NY against the Music & Amusement Association which hired Mr. Sharpe to be their star witness and expert on the subject.

It all came down to a “Mean game of Pinball” as Roger called his Babe Ruthian “Hail Mary” shot. The shot that literally saved pinball.

If there was ever a legend in pinball, he is it. But Roger is known for a lot more than just that famous shot back in ’76. He is also an accomplished writer, game designer and was ranked #1 in the World as a player back in the day.

We are proud to have Roger as one of our guest speakers at Pintastic. He’ll be talking about that fateful day back in 1976 as well as pinball today and where it is heading in the future.

Panelist: Roger Sharpe [Wiki]

Source: Derek

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