PAX West 2016 – The Spice of Twitch: Variety in All Things

From hardcore gaming content to a Bob Ross marathon, Twitch is expanding to encompass almost everything. There’s no doubt variety streaming is on the rise, but how do you start your own variety channel? Better yet, how do you make it successful? What happens when you try to transition from a specialty focus to a variety broadcaster? Join Hyper RPG’s Zac Eubank and Anna Cail, Goobers515, Erika Ishii from Geek & Sundry, and BadNewsBaron as they talk about their experiences on Twitch.

Moderator: DJ Blue PDX [DJ and Shoutcaster, Instagram]

Panelists: Zac Eubank [Consultant and CEO, Twitter], Erika Ishii [Actor, Twitter], Matt “BadNewsBaron” Anderson [Voice Actor, Threads], Anna “AnnaGeeks” Cail [Streamer, Mastadon], “Goobers515” [Streamer, Twitter]

Source: BadNewsBaron

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