PAX South 2015 – Geek Bars and Restaurants: Forging a New Industry

Geek bars and restaurants are starting to pop up in major cities throughout the United States, and around the world. Who are the people behind these establishments? How did they get started? What can you do to start a similar business? Join 42 Lounge, Headshots Bar & Grill, and Arcadia National Bar, in a discussion on entrepreneurship, as a follow-up to PAX East’s “Rise of the Geek Bar”, targeting the long list of questions surrounding entry into the geekier side of the service industry.

Panelists: Anthony Nilles [Information Services Manager, ProHealth Care], Lynn Nilles [Director of Markering, Twitter], Dave Aceto [Owner, Arcadia National Bar], Ryan Revard [Owner, Website]

Source: 42 Lounge

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