PAX Prime 2015 – Nerdcore Music: Evolving with Geek Culture

As geek culture becomes more inclusive of different identities and sectors of the population, so do the music genres that represent it.  Nerdcore hip hop is no longer brand new as a concept, but its faces and methods have changed, along with the rest of the world. Our panel of experts will discuss this evolution, their own experiences, and where they see Nerdcore going in the next few years.

Moderator: Steven “C0splay” Perry [Nerdcore Artist, Twitter]

Panelists: Jeff “DJ Switch” Sorensen [DJ, Website], Damian “MC Frontalot” Hess [Musician, Website], Shiboo Krismer “Shubzilla” Blalack [Rapper, Twitter], Ryan Jamaal “KadeshFlow” Davis [Rapper, Website]

Source: Down In Front Production

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