PAX Prime 2015 – Igarashi Panel: “WHIP IT GOOD: KICKSTARTING IGA”

What inspired famed Castlevania-game producer Koji Igarashi to leave a cushy job at his former employer and go indie? What are the latest plans for his next game Bloodstained now that its amazingly successful Kickstarter run has ended? And how did they pull off that record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in the first place? Come ye, oh Army of the Night, for answers to these queries and more (including your own questions as part of a fan Q&A)!

Moderator: Dan Moore [Editor, Fangamer]

Panelists: Ben Judd [Voice actor IMDB], Koji Igarashi [Game Producer, Moby Games], Takuya Aizu [CEO, Twitter]

Source: Bit Calamity

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