PAX Prime 2015 – Gabe and Tycho Design a Game (With a Little Help from Their Sharks)

So Tycho summons game designer Mike Selinker onto his podcast and says, “Mike, Mike, Mike. We should do a panel at PAX where we design a game in an hour. Your team can make the mechanics, and Krahulik can draw it live. It’ll be great.” And before Selinker could say “But what are YOU doing, Jerry?” the panel was approved. Selinker’s bringing his whole Lone Shark crew to help out. This is probably gonna be a trainwreck, but you will not be able to avert your eyes.

Host: Jerry Holkins [Writer, Twitter]

Panelists: Mike Selinker [President, Twitter], Mike Krahulik [Artist, Twitter]

Source: Mike Selinker

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