PAX Prime 2013 – You Game Like A Girl: Tales of Trolls & White Knights

Women in gaming and “fake nerd girls” have become a topic of much debate recently. For every voice raised in favor of critically addressing the climate for women in gaming and nerdom, a dozen more cry out in defensive, silencing backlash. This panel offers a discussion of the climate for women in gaming and nerdom, not from the outside, but from the inside, bringing together five women from across the nerd community who have faced trolls and white knights and lived to tell their tales. This panel will also discuss positive strategies to create a safer, more supportive community for women at cons and in the gaming community at large. Moderated by the found of the D20 Burlesque, Anja Keister.

Panelists: Iris Explosion [Sex Educator, Facebook], Shoshana Kesock [Writer, Website], Anja Keister [Co-producer & performer, Website], Ashly Burch [Actor, Twitter], Stella Chuu [Game Designer, Website]

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