PAX Prime 2013 – Women in Gaming

Get to know some of the female team members of BioWare by joining this lively panel discussion. Topics include the goal of gender neutrality (or simply being seen as a ‘developer’) and challenges faced by women in the games industry.

Moderator: Jessica Merizan [Customer Activation Director, Twitter]

Panelists: Karin Weekes [Editor, Twitter], Melanie Fleming [Freelancer, Moby Games], Ann Lemay [Narrative Director, Moby Games], Colleen Perman [Artist, Website], Tülay Tetiker McNally [Inclusive Design & Product Development Director, Twitter], Mesa Caloughan (Senior Recruiter, Bioware Montreal), Leanne Korotash [Senior Manager, Moby Games], Elizabeth Lehtonen [Associate Director, Twitter]

Source: Rated NA

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