PAX Prime 2013 – Three Decades of Video Game Music

Four corners, four well-known game composers. Old-timer Grant Kirkhope (Goldeneye 007, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning), young blood C418 (Minecraft), lean and mean Big Giant Circles (Puzzlejuice, Mass Effect 2), and superstar dannyB (Super Meat Box, Binding of Issac) span three generations of game music and go head-to-head in this fun-filled, action-packed, free-for-all fight to the death (not really, they’re all friends, just roll with it)!

Find out who has the skills to survive as well as join the discussion (led by Jason “MANvsGAME” Love of about the evolution of writing music for indie and mainstream games over the past decades as well as general topics like breaking into the industry, contracts, coping with piracy, and other FAQs. Q&A and giveaways to follow!

Moderator: Jayson “ManVSGame” Love [Streamer, Twitch]

Panelists: Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld [Composer, Website], Grant Kirkhope [Composer, Website], Danny “DannyB” Baranowsky [Composer, Bandcamp], Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson [Composer, Website]

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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