PAX Prime 2013 – The Brain Dump: Eight Developers Reveal the Dark Secrets of Game Development

The Truth of Game Development is often hidden from the gaming public behind walls of PR and the desire to put the best face on a complicated and often painful process. Well no more! Join us for a trip inside the sausage factory, where a number of uniquely opinionated developers tell you things you never expected to hear about how games get made.

Each Speaker gets five minutes to spill their own truth about game development, with a rousing and no doubt contentious Q&A session at the end. Featuring a diverse range of speakers who have worked on everything from Diablo and X-Com to Rock Band and Mark of the Ninja, all the participants share harrowing tales you never thought you’d hear coming out of our mouths in this light-hearted fast-paced, and brutally honest session.

Panelists: Rich Rouse III [Developer, Website], Steve Ogden [Studio Art Director, Website], Dan Teasdale [Game Designer, Twitter], Marianne Krawczyk [Writer, IMDB], David Sears [Creative Director, Moby Games], John Patrick Lowrie [Voice Actor, Website], Nels Anderson [Lead Designer, Moby Games]

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