PAX Prime 2013 – The Art of the Table: GMing Beyond the Basics

Known by many titles, the men and women who shoulder the mantle of the GM are an integral part of any gaming group. What is the truly the best path to becoming the ideal GM? Is an RPG at its best when the table works together to weave their story cohesively? Or deep in their hearts do all gamers crave the GM that plays the perfect adversary, pushing them to their limits? Join the Art of the Table in their third year at PAX as we delve into the machinations, motivations, and techniques of that most magnificent of all foes, the GM.

Moderator: Ben Mandall [Professional Game Master, Website]

Panelists: Amber “dicemistress” Eager [Writer, Website], Erik Mona [CEO, Website], Jess Hartley [Writer, Twitter], Ross Cowman [RPG Designer, Twitter], Jeff Fasenfest

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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