PAX Prime 2013 – Strip Search Reunion Super Panel

Join, for the first time ever, all 12 artists from PATV’s hit reality show, Strip Search. Catch up with the talent, watch never-before-seen clips from the show, and discovered what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. Hosted by the Creators, Gabe and Tycho of Penny Arcade.

Hosts: Jerry Holkins [Writer, Twitter], Mike Krahulik [Artist, Twitter]

Panelists: Graham Stark [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Twitter], Travis Maiden [Artist], Maki Naro [Illustrator, Website], Erika Moen [Cartoonist, Website], Amy Falcone [Actress, IMDB], Mackenzie Schubert [Illustrator, Website], Katie Rice [Cartoonist, Website], Monica Ray [Storyboard Director, Website], Alex Hobbs, Ty Halley [Cartoonist, Website], Abby Howard [Cartoonist, Website], Alexandra “Lexxy” Douglass [Artist. Website], Nick Trujillo [Illustrator, Profile]

Source: ColdBrew697

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