PAX Prime 2013 – Spelunky Video Armageddon

You know that scene in The Wizard (1989) where Jimmy and a bunch of competitors play Super Mario Bros. 3 on stage, side-by-s-de? In this session, we’re going to do that for Mossmouth’s legendarily difficult platformer, Spelunky. Come watch four Spelunky-seasoned indie developers discuss and compete at the game’s brand new Daily Challenge feature./ The challengers: Zach Gage (Spell Tower, Ridiculous Fishing), Colin Northway (Incredipede), Douglas Wilson (Johann Sebastian Joust), and more to come! With live commentary by avid Spelunky fans Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity) and Greg Wohlwend (Ridiculous Fishing, Hundreds).

Commentators: Max Temkin [Former Co-Founder], Greg Wohlwend [Game Designer, Website]

Competitors: Colin “The Original” Northway [Game Designer, Twitter], Zach “The Whip” Gage [Game Designer, Website], Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld [Composer, Website], Douglas “The Surgeon” Wilson [Lead Designer, Twitter]

Source: Colin Northway

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