PAX Prime 2013 – SmashMuck Champions Design-A-Champ! Do our Jobs!

Grab the wheel of this action-packed arena combat game and see YOUR designs blaze to glorious life in SmashMuck’s crucible of gladiatorial mayhem!  Put on your design hats (sold separately), shout down naysayers, and collaborate with the developers LIVE as you work together to create SmashMuck’s next Champion! Ask questions of our team of indie devs, discover secrets, unlock achievements, grab exclusive swag!

Panelists: Michael Flynn [Head Audio, Profile], Ben Rodgers [Lead Designer, Website], Allen White [Director, Website], Core McClammy [3D modeler, Kiz Studios], Jacob Schieck [Lead Developer, Website], Jose “Puntos” Mejia [Community Manager, Wiki]

Source: SmashMuck Champions

Source: benopotomus1

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