PAX Prime 2013 – Reimaging Fantasia: An Interactive Adventure in Color, Sound and Motion

In June of 2013, Disney Interactive and Harmonix revealed an interactive reimaging of Walt Disney’s classic animated film Fantasia. Fantasia: Music Evolved combines the original vision for this groundbreaking film with Harmonix’s industry leading music and motion game development expertise. How did this collaboration between Disney and Harmonix come to be? How does the game tie back to the original film? Why bring Fantasia to an interactive platform, and why now?

Our panelists will tell the origin story of Fantasia: Music Evolved, explain how the team has drawn inspiration from Walt’s original vision for the film, share never-before-seen concepts and discarded prototypes from early on in the development process, and reveal new content for the 2014 game! Come to hear about how AAA games come together, both in partnerships and in development, and join us to nerd out about all this Disney!

Moderator: John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter]

Panelists: Chris Nicholls [Studio Head, Moby Games], Jonathan Mintz [Senior Designer, Moby Games], Matt Boch [Associate Arts Professor, Twitter]

Source: Harmonix Music Systems

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