PAX Prime 2013 – Master the Video Games: A Giant Bomb Dot Com Self-Help Seminar

Every day we get cards and letters from average everyday Video Game Players like yourself, asking us how we got to be officially recognized as the World’s Greatest om today’s hottest games. You know, games like “medal of Honor,” “Defense of the Ancients II,” and “Divekick.” If you’re an attendee at PAX Prime 2013, you’re in luck! Your badge will gain you exclusive access to this panel, where our team of Gaming Gurus break down the science of greatness and give you professional tips on expanding you lanes, lining up that perfect headshot, and kicking butt!

Moderator: Jeff Gerstmann [Co-Founder, Twitter]

Panelists: Vinny Caravella [Head of Video, Twitter], Patrick Klepek [Senior Reporter, Twitter], Brad Shoemaker [Editor, Twitter], Alex Navarro [Editor, Twitter]

Source: Giant Bomb

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