PAX Prime 2013 – Living the Dream: The Tales, Trials, and Tribulations of the Geek Shop Keep

The man (or woman) behind the counter. The person that knows everything about every product they sell. They play all the video games, they’ve read ALL the comics, they know who issued what toy when, where you can find it, and how much it is worth!

Well, that’s the image anyway. As children, many a young nerd, geek, or dork has wonderful daydreams about owning a comic book store, video game store, or toy store. How amazing it would be to chat with like-minded patrons about your favorite rarities and nostalgic items of old. But what is it really like? Is it all fantasy-casting films, long discussions on the greatest, little-known villains, and boasting about ownership of obscure game systems?

Let our our store owners and managers give you the gritty, and often-times frustrating, reality beneath the high-gloss dream of owning your own geek-ship.

Moderator: Steven “C0splay” Perry [Nerdcore Artist, Website]

Panelists: Brock Dunham [Store Owner, Facebook], Gabe Hayward [Former Store Manager, YouTube], Tyson James [Store Owner, Website]

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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