PAX Prime 2013 – Late Night Dub Fight

Relive moments from your favorite cartoons, video games, movies, TV shows, and anime, in a new and hilarious light. The Late Night Dub Fight puts panelists against each other to find out who can “improve” classic clips by re-dubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Ian Horner has up his sleeves, or what the cast members will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone. Featuring chainsawsuit’s Kris Strab, LoadingReadyRun’s Graham Stark, Internet Favorite Michael Robles, and Synaptic Chaos Theatre’s Brendan “Beek” Dery.

Host: Ian Horner [Comedian, Website]

Panelists: Graham Stark [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Twitter], Kris Straub [Cartoonist, Website], Michael Robles, Brendan “Beej” Dery [Business Manager, Twitter]

Source: Late Night Dub Fight

LNDF PAX 2013 – He-Man from Ian Horner on Vimeo.

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