PAX Prime 2013 – Keiji Inafune: From 8-bit to Next-Gen, and Beyond

Celebrated as the “father of MegaMan,” but branded as an outspoken critic of the Japanese game industry, ex-Capcom honcho Keiji Inafune’s frank talk, controversial opinions, and – most of all – his games have made many fans (and maybe a few enemies) on both sides of the Pacific.  Join us for an informal chat through Inafune’s 25 year career; where console gaming began, how it’s changed over the years, and what’s coming next – both for the industry and for Inafune himself.

Panelists: Ben Judd [Voice actor IMDB], Keiji Inafune [CCO, Moby Games], Jeremy Parish [Media Curator, Twitter]

Source: 2PlayerProductions

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