PAX Prime 2013 – Is Storytelling the Most Important Element in Games?

Top secret research has recently revealed that the majority of gamers value one thing in video games more than any other element: story. Some game creators see ion these results a call to arms for a new wave of story- and narrative-based games. Others disagree, even going as far as declaring story “unnecessary,” “irksome,” and “a waste of resources and time.” Our panel of industry veterans will argue whether narrative is important for games, discuss the games that prove their point, and attempt to answer the question: story-based games: fad or the future?

Panelists: Cameron Harris [Writer, Twitter], Toiya Kristen Finley [Freelance Writer, Website], Mark Laidlaw [CCO, Moby Games], Chris T Hours [Comic writer / Narrative designer], Tom Abernathy [Game Writer, Moby Games], Richard Dansky [Game Writer, Website]

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