PAX Prime 2013 – inFAMOUS Second Son: Being superHUMAN in Seattle

Sit down with the lead actors of inFAMOUS Second Son and Sucker Punch’s Game and Animation Directors as they provide insight into Delsin’s adventure. See how the real-world city of Seattle has influenced Delsin’s character and serves as the backdrop for this PlayStation 4 exclusive, capturing the city’s culture, neighborhood, music and art.  Hear from Troy, Travis and Laura as they discuss how their personal relationships in real life have affected the emotionally charged scenes within Second Son, especially the relationship with his brother, Reggie.

Panelists: Billy Harper [Animation Director, Website], Nate Fox [Game Designer, Moby Games], Greg Miller [Manager, Twitter], Troy Baker [Voice Actor, YouTube], Laura Bailey [Voice Actor, Website], Travis Willingham [Voice Actor, IMDB]

Source: SomeGameNews

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