PAX Prime 2013 – History vs Gameplay: Hey Creative Assembly, Where’s the Accuracy in My Pew Pew Shooter?

Creative Assembly’s Craig Laycock hosts a panel on the place of history in contemporary gaming.  Is it little better than a cheap background for designers and story-tellers to make any old game against? Does it matter if you get it wrong if the outcome is more fun? Does history actually have something relevant to say to gamers that isn’t being heard or is it fine to keep it to the classroom and let us get on with fun without the slavish shackles? What happens when fans think you’ve got it wrong and crossed a line? The company is Sega and Creative Assembly.

Panelists: James Russel [Game Design Head, Twitter], Dean Hall [Chief Executive, Twitter], Craig Laycock [Brand Director, Moby Games], Al Bickham [Principle Development Communications Manager, Moby Games],  James Portnow [Game Designer, Website]

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