PAX Prime 2013 – Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’: The Revenge

The cast and crew of the not-really hit web series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’ answer questions, tell stories, and say things they will later regret. Join Ashly Burch (also known as the voice of Tiny Tina), Anthony Burch (also known as the lead writer of Borderlands 2) and a whole host of others for a hour you’ll never get back again.

Panelists: Ashly Burch [Actor, Twitter], Anthony Burch [Actor, Website], Justin Yngelmo [Director, IMDB], Grant Cushman [Actor, IMDB], Ulisses Gurel [Actor, IMDB], Tamara Bruketta [Actor, IMDB], Erin Lindy [Writer], Ashley Davis [Writer, IMDB]

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