PAX Prime 2013 – Game Show Night: Jeopardy!

This… is… Jeopardy!  Only all the answers and question in the PAX Game Show Night edition are geek culture things you know and love: games, sci-fi, memes, games, animation and more games! We’ll take contestants from the audience to play two full games of Jeopardy, just like on the show, complete with lockout buzzers, Daily Doubles, and an affable, nattily attires host in the person of Dan Amrich! Part of the PAX Prime 2013 Game Show Night.

Editor’s Note: The second game got corrupted to the point that I am unable to recover it, so we only have footage of the first game.

Panelists: Will Smith [CEO, Twitter], Brett “xtalkradar” Elston [Manager Content Communications, Twitter], Chris Kohler [Editorial Director, Twitter]

Host: Dan Amrich [Game Designer, Twitter]

MC: Kyle Oreland [Senior Gaming Editor, Twitter]

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