PAX Prime 2013 – From One Geek to Another – Gamer Etiquette

Etiquette and gamers go together like oil and water, Mario and turtles, FPS gaming and dial-up modems…right? Does your RPG group have its own code of conduct? What are the actual expectations of behavior within different arenas of gaming? Join our panel of experts as we tackle the topic of bringing not just order, but civility to the gaming table and the greater community of geeks! From the infamous overly-flirty GM to policing behavior standards within the LoL community, etiquette and social norms are an often unspoken backbone of geek culture. Bring your thoughts, questions, and experiences as we hash out just what makes for a truly refined gamer.

Moderator: Jeff Fasenfest

Panelists: Randy Scheunemann [Operations Manager, Steve Jackson Games], Ben Mandall [Professional Game Master, Facebook], Amber “dicemistress” Eager [Writer, Website], Jess Hartley [Writer, Twitter], Julie Hahn [Freelancer]

Source: mmoreportnetwork

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