PAX Prime 2013 – Co-Op: How Players are Becoming Co-Designers

We are on the precipice of something amazing. Games like Minecraft and Little Big Planet have put the power of game creation in the hands of the players. But even greater- these tools are games themselves. Where is this road taking us? How will you, the player. no just be playing these games, but making them? And why is this shift important for games as a medium? Join Robin Rather, (Creator of Pixel Press), James Portnow, (Extra Credits, Rainmaker Games), Anatole Chen, (Xbox Kinect User Research), and Jonathan Bergeron, (UW HCDE Masters student), as we explore this amazing change in the way we play and make games.

Panelists: James Portnow [Game Designer, Website], Robin Rath [CEO, Twitter], Anatole Chen [CX Manager, Riot Games], Jonathan Bergeron

Source: Jordan Bergeron

Source: Bioxels

Pax Prime 2013 Panel "Co Op: How Players are Becoming Co-Designers" from Bloxels on Vimeo.

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