PAX Prime 2013 – CaseModders: Making Computers & Consoles Cooler

What is CaseModding? CaseModding is where hardware and video game enthusiasts modify a computer or console case to show off the internal components, improve hardware performance, and/or redesign the look and theme of the case. These hobbyist turn computers into art and make consoles in center pieces. Join a panel of Modding Pros as they talk about their cases, methods, worklogs, techniques, water cooling and tools. Time will be made available for Q&A.

Moderator: Charlie “Gentlemen Dingo” Falcone [Casemodder, Profile]

Panelists: Bob Stewart [Casemodder, Website], Richard “DarthBeavis” Surroz [Casemodder, Instagram], Mike “Lutro0” Landerberger [Operations Manager, Website], Brian Carter [Casemodder, Website]

Source: Pcjunkiemods

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