PAX Prime 2013 – Achieving Gender Diversity in Gaming: Ok, Now What?

Many Times when the issue of gender equality in the virtual realm is discussed, the topic turns towards solutions: what can we do as a community to embrace this impending culture shift at the benefit of all and expense of none?  The idea of this panel is to emphasize listening, generate discussion, bring unity, and initiate constructive criticism to bring change in the games industry.

As Developers, web site owners, publishers, writers and fans, we all have the ability to collaborate and contribute to the inclusion of all gender and sexual identities. We hope with this group of people to explore the possibilities and foster a positive atmosphere where our peers can pursue avenues towards progress.

Panelists: Mollie “Shidoshi” Patterson [Podcaster/Editor/Writer, Website], Catherine Cai [Freelance Writer, Website], Scott Nichols [Freelance Columnist, Twitter], Arthur Gies [Lead Editor, Twitter], Samantha Allen [Author, Website], Holly Green [Editor, Twitter], Carolyn Petit [Writer/Editor, Website], Tom Abernathy [Game Writer, Moby Games

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