PAX Prime 2012 – Twitch All-Stars Presents: How to Make it as a Broadcaster

With broadcast gaming rising in popularity each and every day, how does one break away from the pack and truly stand out as an entertainer and valued member of the community? Join Jared Rea (Community Manager, Twitch), Jon Carnage (Content Director, Twitch), Jayson Love (MANvsGAME) and King Foom (Destructoid) as they reveal the secrets behind their broadcasting success, best practices for creating awesome content and how you too can be a Twitch All-Star.

Moderator: Jared Rea [Community manager, Twitter]

Panelists: Jon Carnage [Actor, Twitter], Jayson “ManVSGame” Love [Streamer, Twitch], Rick “King Foom” Olson

Source: salutkikoo

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