PAX Prime 2012 – The Harmonix Game Show Extravaganza

Harmonix is proud to have one of the most well-informed communities in the industry, tapping into the rabid cross section of hardcore gamers and obsessive music fans. But do they know more about music gaming than the actual devs behind the genre-defining Rock Band and Dance Central franchises? COME FIND OUT. Attendees will compete against a panel of Harmonix celebrity guests on matters of music history, game-specific trivia and personal minutiae for a chance to win DLC codes, limited swag and ETERNAL GLORY! From the producers of “Are You Smarter Than A Harmonix Employee?” and “Win John Drake’s Money”, this panel promises healthy competition for fans of music gaming and the dizzying highs of Harmonix hilarity, all wrapped in the trappings of a ‘70’s game show. Come on down!

Panelists: Aaron Trites [Comic Store Owner / Richard Dawson, Twitter], John Drake [VP of Games at Disney / Paul Lynde, Twitter], Eric Pope [Senior Community Developer / Charles Nelson Reilly, Twitter], Jessa Brezinski [Product Manager / Brett Somers, Twitter], Annette Gonzalez [Strategic Partner Manager / Rip Taylor, Twitter]

Source: Harmonix Music Systems

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