PAX Prime 2012 – Standard Action: The Webseries

Standard Action made internet viewers all over the world snort into their tavern ale last year with nearly three hours of hilarious D&D comedy over their 14-episode first season. But they didn’t stop there! Come and get a glimpse of the craziness that will be Standard Action: Season 2, and talk to the cast and crew about how they bring this hilarious fantasy-comedy to life.

Panelists: Ashley Young [Makeup Artist, IMDB], Jennifer Lyseng [Camera Operator, IMDB], Carla “Sumi” Miller [Production Designer, IMDB], Vanessa Driveness [Costume Supervisor, IMDB], Edwin Perez [Actor, IMDB], Joanna Gaskell [Actor, Website], Rob Hunt [Director, Website]

Source: Rob Hunt

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