PAX Prime 2012 – Raising the Next Generation of Geeks

Geek parents, assemble! Join the writers from Wired’s GeekDad and GeekMom blogs and fellow parents in the audience for an interactive chat about the challenges of raising a geek family. How do you foster your kid’s interest in programming? What are the best board games and RPGs for a family game night? What if your daughter turns into a princess-loving girly-girl? Why is storytelling such a crucial part of playing games? Share your own stories from the trenches and get advice for forming a geek-friendly home environment. Don’t have kids? Show up and find out what may be in store for you if you ever do!

Panelists: Jonathan Liu [Senior Editor, Twitter], Cathe Post [Core Contributor, GeekMom], Ariane Coffin [Core Contributor, Website], Kelly Knox [Core Contributor, GeekMom], Erik Wecks [Contributing Writer, GeekDad], Rael Dornfest [Engineering Manager, Envoy], Dave Banks [Core Contributor, GeekDad]

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