PAX Prime 2012 – Natural Selection 2: Development Inside-Out

The development of Natural Selection 2 broke all the rules. A tiny team, creating a brand new engine from scratch, mixing genres, delayed release, and limited resources. So how did this game get to PAX 2012? By opening the entire development: Open source code, giving away dev tools, integrating community content, hiring community members, this game was built by its community against all odds. Join the developers of NS2 for a discussion of how turning your development inside-out can allow you to create the game of your dreams.

Panelists: Charlie ‘Flayra’ Cleveland [Co-Founder / Game Director, Twitter], Max ‘m4x0r’ McGuire [Co-Founder / Technical Director, Twitter], Cory ‘Squeal’ Strader [Art Director, Twitter], Hugh Jeremy [Contributator, Twitter]

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