PAX Prime 2012 – Kris and Scott Live

A show so big even PAX couldn’t contain it!

An evening with Kris and Scott, our crowd pleasing panel from PAX and PAX east is being taken up a notch. Special guests, musical acts, and a swanky venue.

Rather than spend three hours letting a thousand PAX attendees get us drunk on stage with various forms of alcohol or alcoholic tainted foodstuffs *cough*vodkawhippedcream*cough*, Kris and I wanted to do something classier. A late night talk show with guests from the world of video games, music, comics and more. The show is being produced by Liz Smith of Dammit Liz productions. Liz has worked tirelessly to help produce w00tstock, the JoCo Cruises and now the Kris and Scott Scott and Kris show Live.

Host: Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse [Senior Security Advisor, Website]

Guests: Scott Kurtz [Cartoonist, Website], Kris Straub [Cartoonist, Website]

Source: Sarah Mendiola

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