PAX Prime 2012 – Khoo and A 2: Khoo Harder

Disclaimer: The following was written by Stepto

At PAX East 2012 an unprecedented event occurred. Robert Khoo, President of Operations and Business Development for Penny Arcade, agreed to do a PAX session on his role with the site and its business ventures in general. Furthermore, he consented to a moderated session with Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse, former head banhammer for Xbox LIVE.

Magic was born. Secrets were revealed. At least one person in the audience called Robert Khoo “Dad.”

Armed with clips from the PAX East interview along with your new questions and Audience Q&A, please join Stepto as he catches up with the whirlwind life and caviar dreams that is the perfect blend of business acumen and snappy dresser of Robert Khoo.

Panelists: Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse [Senior Security Advisor, Website], Robert Khoo [Wiki]

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