PAX Prime 2012 – I am Startup and So Can You, America: Designing and Publishing on a Ramen Budget

Fasten yourself to your seats: Game pros Luke Crane (Mouse Guard, Burning Wheel), Wolfgang Baur (Kobold Quarterly, Midgard Campaign Setting), Chad Dylan Long (13th Age for Facebook) and Jay Schneider (Fire Opal Media) wheel out a firehose of knowledge. Open your mouths as they blast a combined 10,000 years of hard won experience into your thirsty throats. They were once like you! Once they had a decent idea for something cool, and then a bad idea to start a company and make it! Since then they have stumbled through every pitfall of entrepreneurs contending with a world of mortgages and student loans that cares nothing for their beautiful, beautiful dreams. So fasten yourself to something heavy and prepare to be hosed down with numbers, facts and funny anecdotes that will ensure you never want to make or publish anything ever.

Panelists: Chad Dylan Long [Game Designer, Internet Archive], Meguey Baker [Game Designer, Website], Jay Schneider [Operations Manager, Facebook], Wolfgang Baur [Game Designer, Website], Luke Crane [Game Designer, Website]

Source: fireopalmedia

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