PAX Prime 2012 – Halo Reborn

With just a few weeks before Halo 4 launches, and the long awaited return of iconic hero, the Master Chief, 343 Industries will present a look at the evolution of a beloved franchise and the challenges and opportunities in rebuilding a familiar and beloved world. Join the creators, artists and designers of Halo 4 as they show off some of those evolutions and reveal even more secrets and features of the weapons, vehicles, gameplay and characters that you’ll see when this legendary franchise returns.

Moderator: David Ellis [Senior Game Designer, Twitter]

Panelists: Kevin Franklin [Founder/CEO, Website], Kenneth Scott [Art Director/Founder, Twitter], Josh Holmes [Studio Head, Wiki], Kiki Wolfkill [Studio Head, Moby Games]

Source: Halo

Source: Podtacular

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