PAX Prime 2012 – Community vs. PR: The Squabbling Siblings

PR departments and Community departments usually work closely, but what happens when one decides their agenda is more important than the others? Creating release schedules, gathering assets, managing passionate fans and social media are just some of the many pressures both departments feel. Pressures which can cause the two departments to squabble like siblings/ This panel will put some of the industry’s top community managers against top PR managers, as they explain both sides of the issues, debate points of contention, and hopefully don’t cause any embarrassing incidents that will be reported on Kotaku.

Panelists: Patrick Klepek [Senior Reporter, Twitter], Kristin Reilly [Former Community Manager, Twitter], Kathleen Sanders [Senior Business Design Strategist, Twitter], Stephanie Bayer [Social Media Manager, Website], Jeff Green [Business Development Lead, Twitter], Wes Phillips [Consumer Products Director, Twitter], James Stevenson [Community Director, Twitter]

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