PAX Prime 2012 – An Evening with LoadingReadyRun & The LoadingReadyRun Screening Block

A PAX tradition! Join LoadingReadyRun (producers of CheckPoint, Feed Dump, Unskippable and Desert Bus for Hope) for a panel featuring brand new videos, vigorous Q&A, plus other crazy wackiness!

In what has become a PAX tradition for LRR, join Graham, Paul and Kathleen as they provide live creator commentary on a bunch of their videos. It’s a really fun time for everyone, come on by!

Panelists: Graham Stark [Co-Creator/Director/Actor, Twitter], Brendan “Beej” Dery [Business Manager, Twitter], James Turner [Actor/Producer, Twitter], Kathleen De Vere [Writor/Actor/Editor, Twitter], Matt Wiggins [Game Producer, Twitter], Alexander “Two Points” Steacy [Actor/Editor, Twitter]

Source: loadingreadyrun

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