PAX Prime 2012 – 20 Questions with Riot Games

Presented by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Fans of Riot Games get a chance to join an interactive panel discussion with Riot Games designers Paul Belleza, Ryan Scott and Jeffrey Lin with moderator Martin Rae, President, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, as they answer questions from their biggest fans.  They will cover topics ranging from the champion creation process in League of Legends to the inside dope on Riot’s efforts to transmogrify toxic players into great teammates. Myths will be busted, questions answered, schwag distributed, and petards hoisted, Ziggs style.

Moderator: Martin Rae [Interactive Entertainment Executive, Moby Games]

Panelists: Paul Bellezza [Senior Manager, Profile], Jeffrey Lin, Ryan Scott [Design Lead]

Source: GameSpot

Source: ReignOfGaming

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