PAX Prime 2010 – The PAX 10 Panel #2

The PAX 10 is a showcase of independent games to be exhibited at PAX. Our group of 50 industry experts have culled a selection of games into what they collectively feel are the ten best in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor. Join the creators of those games live and on stage! Questions will be asked! Answers may appear! and you will get a chance to talk to these up and coming indie game superstars. This panel will feature the creators of Altitude, Hegemony: Philip of Macedon, Solace, Shibuya, and Super Meat Boy. Also check out the first PAX 10 panel Friday at 7:30pm.

Moderator: Jeff Kalles [Vice President Operations, Twitter]

Panelists: Rick Yorgason [Programmer, Twitter], Erik Measure [Entrepreneur, Moby Games], John Plewe [Software Engineer/Designer, Website], Tom Plewe [President, Website], Daniel Rosas [Senior Technical Designer, Website], Danny “Danny B” Baranowsky [Composer, Bandcamp], Jordan Fehr [Sound Designer, Website]

Source: TheMediaCows

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