PAX Prime 2010 – The GameSpy Debriefings LIVE!

Every week, a bunch of bozos who used to work at GameSpy (and one bozo who still does) get together in a room and fill gamers’ ears with some of the most insane crap ever heard on iTunes. And for one night only these bozos are assembling to do their thing on a live podcast where you will most likely learn nothing of value about games. Or anything else, for that matter. Join IGN Entertainment’s Ryan Scott, Anthony Gallegos, Scott Bromley, Arthur Gies, and Putnam Whipple, as well as the CEO of Threadless and the former president of Orion Pictures, as they sound off on… well, come see (and hear) for yourself!

Panelists: Scott Bromley [Writer/Producer, Twitter], Arthur Gies [Lead Editor, Twitter], Anthony Gallegos [Game Designer, Website], Ryan Scott [Partner & Operations Lead, Website], Brian Altano [Video Host/Producer, Twitter]

Source: Steve Carlson

Source: Gamespy

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