PAX Prime 2010 – Rock Band 3 Design Q&A Free-for-all!

Are you excited about Rock Band 3, but still have burning questions that haven’t been answered in the press? Do you want to find out some of the decisions behind your favorite Rock Band 3 feature? Do you want to hear about some of the crazy features that were cut from the final game? Then the “Rock Band 3 Design Q&A Free for All” is for you! Come and join Sylvain Dubrofsky and Brian Chan, along with recent Rock Band design alumni Casey Malone and Dan Teasdale, and ask them ANYTHING about the design and features of Rock Band 3.

Panelists: John Drake [VP of Games at Disney, Twitter], Aaron Trites [Comic Shop Owner, Twitter], Brian Chan [Game Designer, Website], Dan Teasdale [Game Designer, Twitter]

Source: TheMediaCows

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