PAX Prime 2010 – OverClocked ReMix: Video Game Music Community

Video Game Music ROCKS! For over 10 years, OverClocked ReMix has been remixing your favorite video game music! Join us again at PAX as we cover the ins and outs of the site, challenge you with VGM trivia, give away exclusive prizes (physical albums GET!), and share news about current and upcoming album projects, including Mega Man X and Final Fantasy 9!! LET’S GO! \m/

Panelists: Danny “DannyB” Baranowsky [Composer, Bandcamp], Amy “diodes” Hsieh [Software Engineer, Website], Jullian “Pixietricks” Aversa [Vocalist/Composer, Website], David “djpretzel” Lloyd [Founder & President, Twitter], Larry “Liontamer” Oji [ReMixer, Twitter], Vinnie “Palpable” Prabhu [ReMixer, Profile]

Source: Unofficial PAX DVD

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