PAX Prime 2010 – Online Gaming Communities and “Real Life” Relationships

Are you are a member of one or more online gaming website communities? Perhaps the friendships and relationships you formed online have made their way into your everyday “real life”. You are certainly not alone. We will discuss the communities we have created and support, and how they impact real life relationships for gamers of all types. This was one of the more popular panels at the inaugural PAX East.

Panelists include: Aaron Trites [Comic Store Owner / Richard Dawson, Twitter], Ryan “H2O Rip” Chaply [Product Lead, Twitter], Cathlin “Catastrophe” Sentz [Crafter, Twitter], Chloe “PMS Kitty” Brown [Security Program Manager, Twitter], Derek “DSmooth” Nolan [SQA NPI Manager, 2old2play]

Source: Derek Nolan

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